Benefits to Sharing Your Story

  • Helps you find your voice
  • Provides inspiration for others
  • Lets people know they are not alone
  • Re-affirms your values
  • Helps you and others find peace and find hope

Jana's Stories:

A writing from a journal:

I live my life in cycles. I don't want to, but somehow over and over the pattern repeats. As I get older I am able to recognize this - even pinpoint where I most likely am on this timeline. But so far that has not kept me from hoppin on for one more time around.

I am smart. I have a bit of raw talent in a couple areas.  When I focus my efforts on developing those talents I even surprise myself and slowly but steadily I build up confidence. I push myself and others start to see my success. Expectations grow as do responsibilities. I excel.  My family relaxes around me - I am finally beginning to not only identify but also utilize and maximize my potential. See, they knew I could do it! Out of the woodwork old teachers, bosses, friends and people that I have seen for years, alter in and out. They too are excited and impressed. The pressure builds. Life becomes predictable. Slightly overwhelming.  I feel like I am stepping far far away from my comfort zone, entering new and foreign places. I falter.  Maybe I leave someone who had put faith in me disappointed.  Maybe I just can't play this charade any longer. Maybe I just let myself take it easy - just for a bit. I don't know what happens, but I basically just mess up.

Most people move on. They learn from it, they accept that this happens, and start fresh. I feel bad. I start to second guess myself.  Instead of the confidence and budding success as my motivation I use my self loathing. I use my absolute fear of failing, of putting my true cards on the table and still not measuring up as my driving force behind the next series of events.  I take that one seemingly minor mistake - no matter the outcome ( I know I messed up, event if you don't, and if you know too and say it's okay, I know it is not) I take that little mistake and run wild with it. I don't let someone else take me down. No.  I can do this on my own.  Everyone quietly steps back to watch the self destruction....

Would You Like To Share Your Story?

Jana Marie Foundation invites you to share your story! Your story can be in the form of a writing, a short video, a picture...however you would like!  Once you are ready to share, please send us an email at for more information.  Thanks for being a part of the Stompes Project and helping us to raise awareness.

Please know you are NEVER alone.  If you or someone you

know needs help, please call 1-800-273-TALK.