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The Benefits of Creative Expression

Our Artists:

Marisa Vicere

Nancy Vicere

Chris Bittner

Mel Lesher

  • How do you feel art and creative expression can be used to educate and inspire change?
    • ​"It speaks to our own inner voice and brings us together to express our thoughts with others"
    • "Expression through art has an infinite number of possible ways to express our deepest feelings, which are sometimes difficult or impossible to express in words"
  • ​How can we encourage and facilitate creative expression across our community?
    • ​"Providing more opportunities for getting together"
    • "Open up, create and play together!"
    • "By encouraging participants to use art forms to put ideas and concepts into a form of art.

Students in grades k-12 in State College Area School District came toegheter to discuss the importance of mental wellness and the importance of creating communities full of acceptance, appreciation and understanding. Each piece of this Stomper tells a story of a brave individual. 

The pictures to the left provide a look at some of the activities and amazing pieces that were created during the Stomper process.

Stomper Stand Together and it's story was unveiled on May 9, 2018 during a special picnic for ESL students and their families.

"Stand Together"

YANA was made possible by the generous support of the State College Area School District.

Special Thanks To:

Jeanne Knouse

Lisa Harpster

a Stomper created by SCASD ESL Program


Created by students in grades k-12 in collaboration with Mel Forkner Lesher and Marisa Vicere

Born: May 9, 2018

 “Inclusion is a way of thinking, a way of being, and a way of making decisions about helping everyone belong. - Unknown

Creating environments that respect diversity and encourage understanding, appreciation, and acceptance of all sets the scene for fostering positive self-identity and self-esteem.

Through a series of activities and discussions, students engaged in dialogue about what a welcoming environment looks, feels and sounds like. The students participated in games that highlighted commonalities to build connections, reflected inward to celebrate their strengths and the qualities that make them unique, and explored cultural diversity. 

This Stomper is named “Stand Together” to remind us to create inclusive and fair environments where everyone is celebrated and appreciated for who they are and the strengths they have to offer.

- “Stand Together” was created by State College Area School District ESL Students in grades K-12  with the generous support of their administration, counselors and teachers.