“As artists we have a role in society as communicators. It should be our goal to use those skills to communicate the wonderful possibilities that exist when we break down the societal barriers which hold us all back because we stigmatize those afflicted with mental illness – ‘brain dis-ease.’ The Stompers Project [by Jana Marie Foundation] sends a beautiful message and I am thrilled to see the creative community of Happy Valley working together to open up and remove the isolation that creates the stigma and discrimination we must eliminate. I applaud the efforts of everyone involved in this fantastic project!”

- Joe Pantoliano, Emmy award-winning actor and Founder, No Kidding, Me Too!

"Just wanted to thank you again for what you are doing…I love the conversations our group has been having and this project has brought me to greater understandings about mental illness and depression and ways of helping, and not only by being a part of this project but on a personal level. This stomper is helping me, Thank You! I think I get what your dream is all about, and to be a great stomper one must be able to stomp, to dance it out, from the dark and light, expressing ourselves and working together, not being afraid. A great group of people and an amazing project, thank you again.”


Mark Pilato 


  • Journey: Mapping a Path
  • Motivation: Getting Started
  • Focus: Staying on Track

Together we can make a difference in the lives of young people in our community!

Jana Marie Foundation

Building the Sculptures

What People Say About The Project

"One of the biggest barriers to just discussing and dealing with mental health issues, especially among young women, is self-consciousness and a lack of openness with others. The Jana Marie Foundation uses collaboration and creativity to connect people and share experiences like building the Stompers. Working together on this project will demonstrate how much we are all alike and the simple joy of being friendly and open."


Mayor Elizabeth Goreham

Borough of State College

  • Give residents a voice through sharing of stories
  • Stomp out the stigma that surrounds mental health
  • Spark conversation in the community
  • Create opportunities for prosocial involvement

Jana Marie Foundation's mission is to empower young people, especially young women to make positive choices, practice self respect and maintain healthy relationships by providing opportunities for personal growth and creative expression.

The Stompers Project(R) by Jana Marie Foundation is designed to use art, music, stories and other forms of creative expression to educate the community about mental health and serve as a catalyst for positive change. The objectives for the program include:

The Stompers

Jana Marie Foundation partners with extremely talented artists from around Centre County to make our dream of stomping out the stigma that surrounds mental health come true.

The Artists